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Project Wheels of Justice is a project funded by the European Union to aid in achieving its goal to make legal services be accessed by vulnerable people.

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Project Objectives

  1. To understand the current status and awareness of persons with disabilities who are Valenzuelanos

  2. To provide awareness and capacity building activities to all stakeholders on the Accessibility laws and policies

  3. To provide free paralegal services to persons with disabilities and assist them on their legal journey in relation to the Accessibility laws and policies

  4. To provide assistance to business and property owners in Valenzuela Accessibility Audit services to ensure compliance to the Accessibility laws and policies

  5. To build a strong partnership with the local government and other government / non government agencies to ensure that Valenzuela City becomes an accessible city.


In line with our objectives of making justice more accessible to persons with disabilities and their families, here are the services Project Wheels of Justice offers.

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Paralegal Services

We offer FREE paralegal services to help persons with disabilities and their families gain easier access to justice - most especially in line with the Accessibility Law. Here are the ways on how we can help.


  • Data gathering and documentation through interviews and other research

  • Provide access to legal information

  • Provide support requirements and access needs 


  • We'll help you negotiate mutually acceptable agreements and find amicable solutions to legal conflicts.


  • We'll help you with forms, where to obtain them, how to fill them out, and filing.


  • We'll accompany you to all necessary meetings and appearances

  • We'll send follow-ups with the corresponding legal offices and keep you updated

Accessibility Audit

Our accessibility audit encompasses all disability categories and is mainly referenced from the accessibility audit toolkit of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in compliance with the Accessibility Law BP344 (known as the Accessibility Law) ensuring comprehensive compliance. Additionally, we prioritize Universal Design principles in our approach.

Through our accessibility audit, you can:


Ensure that the Accessibility Law is enforced across your establishment

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Get recommendations tailored to your establishment on how you can make it more accessible

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Ensure safety of all your establishment's visitors - with our without disabilities


Not sure how to start making your establishment accessible or not sure how to move forward? Our team is here for you! Book a consultation with us and let's discuss your establishment's point of improvements and let's go from there!

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Get in touch with us!

2033 Santos Subdivision,

Gen. T. De Leon St., Valenzuela City 1442 Philippines

0998 953 5606 


Thank you for your email! Our team will get back to you soonest!

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