TWHI's Dance on Wheels started in 1990's as a form of theraphy for emotional rehabilitiation especially for our residents/workers who could not accept their physical disability. The first group of dancers initially tried the easy steps of folk dancing. it was in 1999 when they did ballroom dancing which was more challenging and attracted more dancers to participate. We have launched the first ballroom dancing for pWD's last November 17, 2007 through the event called " Steps for a Bright Future" which featured the TWH Dance on Wheels. TWH also organized the First Philippine Ballroom Dancing Championship last December 6, 2008 with the help of partner organizations which was preceeded by a Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing workshop.

TWH takes pride in continuing this project for our benficiaries through an established programs-Wheelchair Dance Program of TWHI. It gives healing and theraphy, as well as, develops capabilities, making the most of what is left for PWD's. Their ability for dance is promising as our dancers are being prepared for further training for local and international competitions.

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The Independent Living Movement Of Persons With Disabilities