Rondalla on Wheels
Bahay Mapagmahal

“It is ability that counts, not disability.”

Under this motto, from May 16 to 26, 2003, in a concert tour organized and funded by Friendship Asia, the Rondalla On Wheels performed their music to delighted audiences at 13 different places—high schools, universities, churches, welfare centers—all over the Kanto region of Japan.

Who are the Rondalla On Wheels? Rondalla On Wheels is a band of instrumental music composed of ten young men and women who at one time or another lived in Bahay Mapagmahal (“Loving Home” in English), a home for the handicapped in Quezon City, Philippines. All of them are on wheelchairs, hence the name.

For the celebration of the 25th anniversary of its formation, the Rondalla On Wheels was invited to perform in Japan by Friendship Asia, a volunteer support group formed in Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, many of whose members have visited Bahay Mapagmahal through a yearly study tour conducted by Professor Tsuyoshi Amemiya.

Rondalla on Wheels is one of the featured performers for the Live Free concert.

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The Independent Living Movement Of Persons With Disabilities