Region 12 Three-day Peer Counseling Seminar

Tata, Kuya Jun, Doc Jun, Abner, Kuya Mars, Rodel, Ronel, Minerva, Chin, Emma, Edward, Jojo, Eric, Maam Grace, Maam, Janet, Roel, Bien

Life Haven conducted a three day Peer Counseling Workshop on December 9 to 11 2009 at Polomolok South Cotabato. The resource persons are Abner Manlapaz and Jun Bernandino. There are 14 participants from different places of Socsargen, most of whom are group leaders. This is the first peer counseling workshop initiated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (focal person is Ms. Grace Balaro).

This three-day workshop served as an introduction of the Independent Living Philosophy and the concepts of the Independent Living Movement. Some of the concepts of Independent Living Philosophy though familiar-sounding are new to the participants. The prescribed three -- day workshop schedule was followed. The ideas are warmly received by the participants. The goals of peer counseling (to restore self-respect and self confidence; to build relationships; to change society) are explained carefully and the rules of the conduct of peer counseling arouse interest among the participants. The rule about giving advice, which primarily makes peer-counseling within the context of Independent Living Philosophy different from the traditional types of counseling, got more discussion time. After the discussion and exchange of ideas, the importance of the rule about giving advice in relation to the realization of the goals of peer counseling became clearer.

As additional materials to supplement the lectures, videos of IL Centers from other countries were shown in between discussions and during breaks. The resource persons also see to it that they mingle and interact with the participants and the staff of the venue.

Towards the end of the three-day workshop there are encouraging feedbacks from the IL newbies. The focal person Ms. Grace Balaro, visitors from the area and from the local Government unit, and the participants themselves expressed their interest to have another workshop to learn more and improve their skills in conducting peer counseling. They are already even thinking of having a Trainor's Training Seminar to make it possible for the Independent Living Movement to establish a foothold in Mindanao.

The participants are:

  • Jesus C. Librado
  • Feliciano C. Carillo Jr.
  • Noel Manabe
  • Minerva V. Alejandro
  • Edison S. Romero
  • Janet B. Panoy
  • Rodel B. Reyes
  • Gretchin Boni
  • Bien Sabado
  • Marcial S. Calinga
  • Emma P. Belvis
  • Roel M. Figueroa
  • Erickson D. Sabanal
  • Edward Oliveros
  • Venue: Durian Garden Resort Polomolok South Cotabato
    Date: December 9 to 11, 2009

    We would like to acknowledge the assistance of everyone who made this workshop possible.

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